¡Feliz Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! ¡Feliz Halloween! ¡Feliz día de las brujas! ¿De qué se disfrazaron? What did you dress up as? What was your Halloween costume? Me, I decided to put the bat in Vocabat and proudly own my battiness once and for all. Here I am working it as the flyest murciélaga/chimbilá in town. I considered pinning Spanish words and phrases all over me to also put the Vocab in Vocabat, but in the end I chose to not throw off my bat groove. Next year!

Get this look: In defiance of my pitiful lack of crafty skills, I actually sewed this bat costume by hand. It took me about, oh, a mere five hours from start to finish. Stepping on a needle that went almost completely in was, sadly, a part of the process. I made the wings from an umbrella that I cut up. You can find the instructions here. I think we can all agree, however, that my costume is much cuter. Instead of sewing the wings to a baggy sweatshirt, I sewed them to a dress my sister gave me a few months ago. I also went in for smaller ears. I originally had the metal ribs on the wings to make me oh-so-anatomically correct, but have you ever tried to dance salsa with ribbed wings? Yeah, they’re rather constricting. I ended up ripping those membranes right out.

The DIY costume was a huge hit, and I’ll probably keep it and wear it again in the future. I got to wear it to work today (don’t worry, I wore leggings), which was a lot of fun. When people would look at me, they always thought I was a cat. Then I’d spread my wings in all their glory, and they’d realize they were off by a letter. Somehow, it seems much more exciting to dress up as a murciélaga than as a bat. Once again, everything’s better in Spanish.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Tell me what your costumes were.

6 responses to “¡Feliz Halloween!

  1. Hablo poco ingles pero pude decifrar un poco lo que escribiste, quiero felicitarte por tu disfraz te ves muy linda, es bastante original, me encanto. saludos desde México.


    • Muchas gracias, William. A mí me encanta la participación en el blog de lectores hispanohablantes, así que considérate muy bienvenido. Seguro que tienes cosas muy valiosas para aportar, y no veo la hora de leerlas. ¡Saludos!


    • What what? I didn’t know that YOUUUUUUU were a hitherto clandestine Vocabat reader!!! What an honor. What a shock. What a delight! Gracias. Ahem.

      Great costume choice! Would love to see pictures :)


      • Well, shucks. You’re welcome. I stalk, yes I do. :)

        Yes, I really ought to post a photo.. Adam was Electro-Man. But I’m not sure anyone got any good pictures of him..


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