I always wanted to say that

-Se puede llegar a cualquier hora?

-Empieza cuando anochezca, que se supone va a ser tipo 8. 

An excerpt from a volley of texts between me and a Colombian friend of mine, with whom I went to see an outdoor movie last night that, as you can see, began at sunset. It pleased me to write anochezca, a form of anochecer I doubt I’d ever used before. I just like the sound of it. Anochezca, Francesca. It’s the little things in life, right? OK, the really little things for some of us. One pleasure among many.

Have you said or written anything in Spanish lately that was a delight to pronounce or write out? Anything Spanish words or phrases on your bucket list?

got milk

6 responses to “I always wanted to say that

  1. Just today I discovered “telebobo” from a student of mine. Apparently, it’s a term for couch potato. I’ve never heard it before and I haven’t been able to find any information about it, so I’m going to have to test it out soon! Also, I’ve always loved the way “halagüeño” looks, but I never seem to be able to work this one into conversation.


  2. Rosa de los Vientos



  3. The first time I correctly worked “no joda!” into my speech on my own was a proud day for me in Barranquilla. Even the cab driver was impressed amidst his chuckles :)


    • Nice one. I remember the first time I said no jodas as well! It was to the French assistant at the university I worked at in Bogotá. I felt both proud and a little sheepish when I said it.


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