One word I learned today while reading the news: ufanarse. Ufanarse con algo or ufanarse de algo means to boast of something or to pride oneself on something. The sentence was the headline for a story on the tragic train crash that occurred yesterday in Spain.

Maquinista del tren accidentado se ufanaba de manejar a 200 km/h

Conductor of wrecked train used to boast of operating at 200 km/hr

I’d never heard ufanarse before–have you? The words I reach for when I want to say to boast or to brag are presumir (de), hacer alarde (de) and the very Colombian chicanear. Once in a blue moon, jactarse (de). There are others as well, but I don’t use them– fanfarronear, chulear, ostentar, and surely many more. But, ufff, now we have ufanarse to have to choose from as well.

According to WordReference, the adjective ufano can mean 1. cheerful, 2. conceited, vain, arrogant, 3. proud, smug, self-satisfied, 4. healthy, leafy, lush (plants).

Ufanamente would then be proudly, boastfully, or smugly.

And ufanía is pride, boastfulness, smugness, or lushness/vigor in plants.


Also, the only word I can think of in English that starts with uf- is UFO. If you try to translate this to Spanish and work your way through it piece by piece, inverting the necessary parts, you’ll figure it out. Unidentified flying object becomes object . . . flying . . . not identified. Objeto volador no identificado. Bingo–a UFO in Spanish is un OVNI. My standard mode of transport, naturally.


4 responses to “¡Uf!

  1. Wasn’t one of the words translated by Daniel on the Babylonian wall “upharsin”?


  2. Pantalleros. It’s not a verb, but I think this is a good, Colombian word. As in…:”que viejo tan pantallero.” Or “Esa familia es mas pantallera que quien sabe que.”


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