Another blog birthday

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Today is a special day for Vocabat- she turns two and celebrates another year of life. Exactly two years ago today, I started this blog with a post on all things conchudo. I’ve been up and down and all around since then, and I’ll admit that I’m more than a little surprised by my stick-to-it-ness. As one reader, Daniel, commented recently, me aferré al blog. I really dug in my heels and clung to this blog with an iron grip– aferrarse comes from hierro, or iron. I needed the distraction over the past year and a half or so, but over time the blog has actually come to provide me with more direction than distraction. Imagínate eso— this quixotic, peculiar, seemingly adrift little blog giving me direction. But it’s true. I look at all this writing, time, effort, and energy and realize that, holy cow . . . Yeah, let’s just say that I’ve realized (or admitted) a lot of things about myself. Good things! Here on this blog are displayed a flor de piel many of my passions, my strengths, my weaknesses, my yearnings, my goals, my fears, my stories, and my secrets. What to do with it all? I see it a little more clearly with each post. 

Just like I did last year, I’ll give you a peek behind the curtains here at Vocabat and share some stats.

I’ve had almost 60,000 views in all. Last year I had just shy of 20,000, so about 40,000 this year. With growth this good, Vocabat will be announcing her IPO any day now.

The top locations of my readers and visitors

1- United States                         
2- Colombia
3- United Kingdom
4- Canada
5- Mexico
6- Australia
7- Spain
8- Argentina
9- France
10- Germany

Argentinian readership has dipped since last year, Australia has bumped up a few notches, and France and Germany have made it into the top 10. We’ve also had to say goodbye to Peru and Chile in the top 10. Otherwise, things have pretty much stayed the same.

I’ve had visitors from at least 171 countries and territories (last year, 118). This year we have new readers joining us from such disparate lands as Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea (Spanish-speaking!), Haiti, Mongolia, and Palestine.

Most of my U.S. traffic is from California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. In fact, if I put states on the same par as countries, California is #1 in the world, followed by Colombia. In Colombia, most of my readers are in Bogotá. As luck would have it, I’ll be in all of those states plus Bogotá between now and January.

Here’s what the global diaspora of Vocabat readers looks like.

clustrmaps visitor locations

The most popular posts on Vocabat from the last year

1- Feliz año nuevo I took a two month hiatus last fall and apparently came back with a splash with this post, ready to make it a productive year. 
2- Cursi This post was Freshly Pressed by WordPress, hence the popularity. It’s likely my favorite thing I’ve written this year.
3- Rereading cien años de soledad Some things are too good not to repeat. 
4- Ode to my Spanish boyfriend A tease of a title, I know. Perhaps more accurately titled: Ode to my boyfriend, Spanish.
5- How cien años de soledad made me a better interpreter Art intersects life just in the nick of time. 
6- Te recuerdo mucho Still remembering and thinking about, a lot.
7- The funniest thing I ever said in Spanish That is, the thing I said in Spanish that provoked the most instant hilarity. Immediate LOL.
8- Si le das una palabra a una ratoncita . . . In which I indirectly revealed that long before I was ever a bat, I was a ratoncita. It’s a long story.
9- Learning Spanish from political cartoons Ain’t no shame in reading the cartoons first, especially when you can turn them into a Spanish lesson.
10- La gente anda diciendo I loved doing these translations, and I still feel inspired to carry out a similar project when I make it back to Latin America.

The top Google non-image search terms of the last three months

1- beautiful spanish words
2- pretty spanish words
3- spanish punctuation
4- feliz ano nuevo
5- feliz ano
6- funny spanish words
7- fun spanish words
8- beautiful words in spanish
9- piropo
10- most beautiful spanish words

As you can see, variants of beautiful Spanish words has definitely become my most frequent search category. Every day, ravenous pilgrims descend on my blog looking for words. ¡No doy abasto! I really wish there was someone out there in the business of selling Spanish words, because as you can see I know how to reel in the clients. Maybe the DRAE needs to make me an affiliate. Hopefully this word craze will cool down one day and my blog won’t be seen as such a one-trick pony. Don’t typecast me yet! But at least we know there are so many people out there who take the time to search for Spanish words. Who said people just want to look at beautiful women?

upside down bat birthday cake

I’ve written 78 posts in the last year, and it was 80 the year before that. I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near slowing down, but I do kind of want to change lanes. I’ll write about this in a separate post. 

Some of my favorite posts have been A typical hour in Colombia, Are you my concuño?, Amanecer for all seasons, and the three-part series on My experience in translation. What are yours?

Regarding that lovely fallen cake that’s just sitting there, lo que no mata, engorda. But I definitely don’t want to get fat all by myself! So, let’s all have a slice of ponqué and drink a glass of wine, and if someone wants to kiss me under some mistletoe, well that would be perfectly fine, too. Thanks so much for reading for another year! It’s been fun, it’s been real, and there are many good things ahead. Muchísimas gracias. 

4 responses to “Another blog birthday

  1. Happy Blog-aniversario! :)


  2. Happy birthday! Have you written about ponqué? Quite a funny word, I think. And then, I just left a comment in an older post about conchudo. Little did I know that this was the topic of the opening post for what is now a world famous blog!


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