Vocabat’s first video

I’ve always wanted to make a video for this blog so you could experience the immense pleasure of hearing me speak in Spanish, but every time I recorded something I’d find an excuse to let it wither on the vine, so to speak. But you just might get your chance this week–you and the rest of Colombia. You see, I might be (Internet) famous come Wednesday because this morning El Tiempo, Colombia’s most widely read newspaper, interviewed me! I participated in a city-wide trash cleanup at a park next to my apartment, and two journalists from El Tiempo decided to pick my brain for a few minutes on camera. I was given the questions a little beforehand, so obviously I tried to prepare so I’d sound smooth. I still got tongue-tied, of course, especially when I tried to pronounce the name of one of their rivals, El Espectador, which is how I found out about the event. Maybe they’ll be gracious and will cut that part out for me. Also, healthy or not, I have a real predilection for the Paisa accent (Medellín and thereabouts), and sometimes I get a notion to try to exaggerate what trace amounts of it are still left in my speech. This brief interview would be one of those times. They only did one take. So if you hear a Gringa speaking with a quasi-wannabe-Paisa accent on the airwaves in the next few days, con toda seguridad soy yo.

If they decide to publish it, the video should be on their website and be broadcast on their TV channel on Wednesday. I’ll let you know. ¡Manténganse pendientes! Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Vocabat’s first video

  1. You should totally make a video!! And once again, I find myself being the first to comment. :P


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