Can you guess what this new-to-me (and certainly rather new in the world) word means? That’s right, a charging station for electric cars. Pretty nifty, eh?

Electricidad– + gasolinera = electrolinera

Bogotá just got her third electrolinera to help out the city’s microscopic electric taxi fleet that’s been circulating since September 2013. Go, go, go! One day gasolinera will be followed by arcaico, obsoleto in the dictionary (they call gas stations bombas in Colombia, which also means pump), and electrolinera will be the only word any of us knows or uses. May that day be soon! My lungs really can’t take all this diesel and the resulting filthy, puerco air. (Shamefully, though, my country has a lot to do with this.) So, now that we’re welcoming the electric age, you can make sure to sound like one of the cool kids and talk about electrolineras like they’re any old thing. Even better will be when our cars are powered by the sun and solar energy–what will we call the charging stations then? Solineras? This whole topic and its linguistic possibilities make me happy, and I kind of needed that right about now.

Electrolinera taxis eléctricos azules y blancos Bogotá

The Fundéu BBVA is down with the word, too. The RAE will obviously have no choice but to add it soon. Yes, language purists predictably raised a stink because it contains “lin” from gasolina, but who cares? Can you imagine if things weren’t allowed to be created or used until the language pedants could agree on the right word for them? I think the word’s great, and the technology itself is lo máximo. Gotta make a trek out to one of these meccas before they’re on every corner and become as interesting as watching paint dry.

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