And another blog birthday!


So, I had this nagging sense that Sunday was important for some reason, but I hadn’t the foggiest idea why. And then I felt someone gently biting me early Sunday morning while I was still plunged in deep slumber. That is, I figured it was a someone; turned out, it was a something. After several sharp and persistent nips, I finally sat up to see that there was a bat biting me, trying to rouse me. Vocabat? What are you doing up at this hour, sweetie? Crazy ol’ bat. What could be so important? Through a series of squeaks, she breathlessly asked me where was the cake, where were the presents, and at one point even accused me of forgetting that it was her birthday!!!! I mean . . . of course not! I mean . . . like I could really forget about something as important as that. Geez. Ne’er fear, we made and ate our cake (well, strawberry peach cobbler), drank our champagne, and, um, even went on a motorcycle ride to celebrate. How many other bloggers could even have been bothered? A blog birthday for the ages. Forgive us for not getting around to inviting the rest of you until today–yesterday was a holiday and we were out of pocket.

So, Vocabat turned three on Sunday, and the years are flying by so fast that pretty soon she’s going to have to start lying about her age. No, the blog is 29 . . . again! But for now, we’re pretty happy to be celebrating our third year over here. I know that all this hoopla might strike you as totally unnecessary and silly for a blog, but I’ll have you know that every year is an accomplishment and a great defiance of the blog odds. So I make a point of being all hey-look-at-me and obnoxiously making A BIG FAT DEAL about it. Have you looked at the longevity rates for blogs recently? They’re not pretty. With just a few glasses of champagne, slices of cheesecake cobbler, and hearty hear-hear!s and for she’s a jolly good fellows, we’ll happily keep writing about all the Spanish words and phrases fit to blog over the next year.

This was a unique year for Vocabat because all of 2014’s posts were blogged from Colombia. So, no more guessing, speculating, and trying really hard to remember. Each word and phrase came backed by a stamp of authenticity and up-to-the-minuteness. If they weren’t saying it on the street/bus/classroom, I wasn’t blogging about it. And if they were, I absolutely was.

And now for the statisticians among you, here’s some hard data. This past year, I’ve almost doubled the number of visits from the first two years combined.

The top locations of my readers and visitors over the last year

1- United States                         
2- United Kingdom
3- Colombia
4- Canada
5- Mexico
6- Australia
7- Spain
8- Germany
9- India
10- Netherlands

France, Argentina: it was nice knowing being read by you! Also, hola, India!

I’ve had visitors from at least 186 countries and territories (last year, 171). This year we have new readers joining us from such far-flung lands as Namibia, East Timor, Isle of Man, Papua New Guinea, and Somalia. Welcome, welcome, one and all.

Here’s what the global diaspora of Vocabat readers looks like.


As you can see, Vocabat most needs to concentrate her marketing efforts in desert and ice tundra topographies. I totally understand, though, that these people might have bigger fish to fry than working on their Colombian Spanish. All in good time.

The most popular posts on Vocabat from the last year

1- Test your Spanish vocabulary Do it already! Do it now!
2- Is Mata Taylor a Spammer? A silly spammer gets her comeuppance.
3- World Cup Spanish- Colombia’s out The parade had to be rained on eventually–memories from one of my favorite parts of the year.
4- Styrofoam guinea pigs Because a party’s not a party until somebody breaks out the styrofoam guinea pigs.
5- Colombia: A simple country Simple, my eye! But this post will uncomplicate it for you.
6- Back to Bogotá Uno vuelve siempre a los viejos sitios donde amó la vida.
7- Abuzz First a bat, then a bee–I have a lot to live up to this Halloween.
8- Tomémonos un tinto, seamos amigos Café con aroma de Spanish
9- Pizza boy This post made me happy because one of my sisters shared it and reported laughing like a loon . . . glad to know my screwball humor isn’t exclusively self-enjoyed.
10- About the benjamins Three cheers for the youngests!

Some of my favorite posts have been Uy, ¿quién pidió pollo?; Quick, quick, I need a placeholder!; Deliciosa; and Little chicken hearts.

The top Google search terms of the last three months

1- spanish
2- funny/beautiful/fun/cool/weird/pretty spanish words
3- chimbila
4- lavadero
5- spanish tattoos
6- bat costume
7- music staff
8- plastilina
9- piropo
10- planned obsolescence

Yep, this blog pretty much runs the gamut.

creepyWith cobbler crumbs all over her mouth and slightly woozy from the champagne and the motorcycle ride, Vocabat says muchísimas gracias for all the visits, comments, and camaraderie this year and all the years. She hopes the 200+ posts have really helped your Spanish, but hopefully you’ll still stick around even after you’re ten times fluenter than we could ever hope to be. We love making local friends, so let us know if you ever want to tramp around Bogotá. And like us on Facebook!!! May our favorite bat keep sharing her weird and fabulous linguistic finds from her flights around Bogotá.

8 responses to “And another blog birthday!

  1. Este Blog me hizo recordar este fin de semana, afortunadamente no me mordieron, aunque hubiera valido la pena ;)
    Solo espero que esta Batichica siga revoloteando por Colombia buscando cosas interesantes para compartir, Felicidades!


    • Hola, muchas gracias! Cosas interesantes para compartir no faltarán nunca, me temo. Vocabat está pa’ rato, mejor dicho creo que tendrán que soportarme un buen tiempo más.

      Y, pilas, que no te hayan mordido este fin de semana no quiere decir que no suceda el que viene, mucho cuidadito pues ;)


  2. Congratulations on your 3rd blogversary!!!! What a great post, written in pure vocabat style!


  3. Feliz cumple!


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